Expect to lose up to 20-40 pounds, have a smaller waist size, and feel more energetic and on top of your game with the ABLE 40 ketogenic weight loss plan.

Simple to follow, full of easy-to-make, delicious foods that the whole family will enjoy, and challenging in a way that you’ll brag about, ABLE 40 plans are a complete kit ready to use out of the box. We include top-shelf, real-food supplements, a nutrition plan that’s a cinch to follow, and the support you’ll need from ABLE.

ABLE 40 is a four-phase weight loss plan designed to maximize your body’s fat burning potential while resetting your metabolism. During the plan you will be introduced to the ketogenic lifestyle through directed eating, carb control, and proper supplementation.

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Your Kit Includes:

1 bottle of ABLE KetoTherm

A thermogenic supplement that promotes metabolism and fat digestion.

1 bottle of ABLE HCL

A supplement designed to help absorb key nutrients and ease digestion.

1 bottle of ABLE HCL Catalyst

A supplement to detox and promote whole body cleansing and health.

1 bottle of ABLE Essentials MediHI Pink Salt

Rich in minerals your body craves.

1 bottle of Trace Minerals ConcenTrace

Delivers powerful pH-balancing trace minerals to your body.

1 ABLE branded water bottle

1 Supplement dispenser

Keto Tools

We want you to keep your keto lifestyle going strong. Please see our BMR and BMI calculators to dial in your nutritional needs and
keep your diet a success. Use Our Calculators:

Weight Loss Program Comparison
Time and Cost to lose 40 pounds

Oh, it’ll also be way less expensive and more effective than any Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and other Local Walk-In weight loss businesses.

13-15 Weeks

13-15 Weeks


20 Weeks

20 Weeks


20 - 40 DAYS

20 - 40 DAYS


20 - 40 DAYS

20 - 40 DAYS


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"I wanted to lose 20..."

"By the end of Phase 3, I had lost 25 pounds..."

"My brain was clearer, I was sleeping better, and my digestive track was feeling better."
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Lost 25 lbs

"I would highly recommend ABLE 40 for anybody that is looking to drop some weight as well as begin living a healthier lifestyle. I learned so much about what to eat, how much to eat in terms of portion control and also about living a keto lifestyle.

S​kipping breakfast was never difficult for me, I thought it would but it wasn't that hard, I really started enjoying my morning black coffees. Lunches and dinners were fantastic; I ate so much seafood on this diet and I continue to eat it.

The biggest thing is, I have changed my life going forward. I know what to eat, how much to eat, and if I do want to cheat and eat a few good meals and a couple beers I can do this knowing that I know what to do to get back on track..."
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"Want to give a quick shout out to my buddy Daniel and thank him for introducing me to the ABLE 40 plan and Ketosis living. This is not a weight loss program, it's a lifestyle change. Since working with ABLE 40, I have lost 45 pounds in 2.5 months and I'm in the best shape since I stopped playing college hockey 16 years ago."

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"As one of the Co-Founders, I have experienced the benefits that ABLE, the ABLE 40 Plan, and that ketogenic living can provide. During the 2 months of the ABLE 40 plan, I lost 30 lbs. Since then, I have been living a flexible keto lifestyle for a year now and feel great. Before living ketogenically, I had a lot of pain from inflammation, but since week 2, I have been basically pain free. Waking up without pain is amazing and I'm still in awe each day. If you have 20+ lbs to lose, I highly recommend the ABLE 40 Plan. If you are already at your goal weight, I still recommend adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle because of the therapeutic benefits that can be experienced."
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