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The ABLE 40 plan was carefully designed to balance the proper foods with minerals and supplements to maximize fat burning while allowing your body to more easily transition into the natural state of ketosis. The program consists of four phases that encompass prepping your body for weight loss, losing the weight, transitioning into a healthy lifestyle and finally how to maintain a healthy weight. The supplements included in your package all have a vital role to play in the success of your weight loss, use without deviation, along with the food and portions recommended. To ensure your success, we recommend sticking to the program for the full duration. The commitment to follow the plan daily not only will help you lose weight and accomplish your goals but will build a foundation of healthy eating and fitness that will benefit you well beyond the completion of the 40 days of the weight loss phase.

In the ABLE 40 plan, we will detail each phase, describe why it’s important along with some FAQs about what you can expect. We will also provide detailed instructions along with a daily tracking log to document progress as well as remind you of which supplements to take and what to eat. We believe that by simplifying the process and making it easy to follow and remember, we are removing one of the most significant roadblocks to weight loss and the reason many programs fail, because of complexity. There are no gadgets or gimmicks involved and our formula for success is simple, a well-designed program combined with your firm determination and desire to succeed will deliver the healthy lifestyle you’re seeking.

We at ABLE also want to stress that anyone looking to participate in this program should consult with their physician to ensure compatibility with any health issues you might have. ABLE’s plan contains a safe and healthy option for weight loss but we cannot account for every ailment, and we must depend on teamwork between you and your doctor to ensure you can undertake and complete this program safely.



ABLE 40 Documents:

1 x “What is Ketosis?” bi-fold (Read First)

1 x ABLE 40 Manual (Weight Loss & Introduction to Nutritional Ketosis)

1 x ABLE 40 Journal (Keep Track of Your Daily Results)

ABLE 40 Supplements & Minerals:

2 x ABLE KetoTherm

ABLE KetoTherm is a thermogenic supplement that promotes metabolism and fat digestion.


A supplement designed to help absorb critical nutrients and ease digestion.

1 x ABLE HCL Catalyst

A supplement to detox and promote whole body cleansing and health.

1 x ABLE Essentials MediHI Pink Salt

Rich in minerals your body craves.

1 x Trace Minerals ConcenTrace

The ConcenTrace delivers robust pH-balancing trace minerals to your body.



The benefits of using ABLE 40 keto plan are not limited to weight loss, they also include, but are not limited to:

Basic Benefits

-You’ll learn a lot about Ketogenics
-You’ll Look Better
-Feel Better
-Increased Confidence (Impacts all areas of your life)
-Increased Cognitive Mental Clarity
-More energy
-Reduced daily pain and inflammation, and
-Leaner body

Therapeutic Benefits

The medical profession utilizes strict ketogenic diets for many
patients with:

-Different Types of Cancer
-Epilepsy, etc.
-Type 2 Diabetes

Whatever your motivation is, weight loss & being “keto” is a great long-term plan!

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